Estimated Cost of Attendance

Each year, the Office of Finanical Aid produces an estimated Cost of Attendance. This estimate is then used to determine the maximum amount of aid a student may receive for an academic year. Select the sections below to find more information about these costs.

Click here for information on 2016-2017 costs.

The information below is for the 2017-2018 academic year (August 2017 - May 2018).

Direct Costs: What will I be billed?

Direct costs are those billed to students who are enrolled at the university.

Total Cost for In-State Residents:

  • Living On-Campus: $16,251
  • Living Off-Campus: $7,145

Total Direct Cost for Out-of-State Residents:

  • Living On-Campus: $32,974
  • Living Off-Campus: $23,868


Here is a breakdown of these costs:


The cost of tuition a student will have to pay depends on whether they are a resident of North Carolina or a resident of another state. International students will pay out-of-state costs. The amounts listed below are for full time enrollment. Each year, these costs are set by the UNC Board of Governors and cannot be negotiated.

North Carolina Residents (In-State): $4,122 per year

Residents of Other States (Out-of-State): $20,845 per year


Required Student Fees

All students are required to pay student fees. These cover, among other things, fees for technology, services, and campus safety. These fees are assessed to all students at the same cost regardless of residency.

Fees: $3,023 per year



Only students who live on campus will be charged for room expenses. The figure below is based on the standard double room.

Room: $5,134 per year

Living in a single room, Moore Hall year-round housing, or a double room in Overlook Hall will increase the room cost. Click here for information on the costs of these on-campus residential options.



Board is the cost of a meal plan for an on-campus student. Students who do not live on campus will not be charged this cost.

Board (Meal Plan): $3,972 per year


Health Insurance

The state of North Carolina requires that all students enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours to have health insurance. Students will be billed for health insurance unless they waive it in an approved manner. For information on the student health insurance policy and/or how to waive the health insurance cost, please visit the Health and Counseling Center's website.

Indirect Costs: What other expenses might I encounter after I pay the bill?

Indirect costs are estimated expenses that a student is not billed but might encounter. These costs are calculated on a biannual basis from a survey conducted of UNC Asheville students.

Books and Supplies: $1,200 for an academic year

Transportation: $1,100 (in-state) for an academic year; $2,200 (out-of-state) for an academic year

Personal Expenses: $1,300 for an academic year

Loan Fees: $64 for an academic year


Total Indirect Costs for In-State Residents: $3,664

Total Indirect Costs for Out-of-State Residents: $4,764

ESTIMATED Total Cost (Direct Cost + Indirect Cost)

Direct Costs

Cost In-State Out-of-State
Tuition $4,122 $20,845
Required Fees $3,023 $3,023
Room (On Campus) $5,134 $5,134
Board (On Campus Meal Plan) $3,972 $3,972
Total Direct Costs (The Bill) $16,251 $32,974


Indirect Costs

Cost In-State Out-of-State
Books and Supplies $1,200 $1,200
Transportation $1,100 $2,200
Personal Expenses $1,300 $1,300
Loan Fees $64 $64
ESTIMATED Total Costs $3,664 $4,764



Residency ESTIMATED Cost
In-State $19,915
Out-of-State $37,738


The ESTIMATED cost is not what you will have to pay in order to attend UNC Asheville. Bills are determined based on the direct cost information.

Important Cost Information

The estimated cost of attendance used by the Office of Financial aid is calculated as follows:

Estimated Cost of Attendance = Direct Costs (+) Indirect Costs

  • The laws and regulations governing financial aid awards prevent you from receiving more financial assistance in an academic year than your estimated cost of attendance.
  • Cost of Attendance can be adjusted to account for enrollment in the university's student health insurance plan. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for furhter details.
  • Cost of Attendance cannot be adjusted to account for the tuition surcharge.

Adjusting the Cost of Attendance does not automatically result in an increase in financial aid.