My Financial Aid Award

How will I know when I have been awarded financial aid?

Once your financial aid application has been processed we will send an award notification email to your UNC Asheville e-mail account. If you have been admitted to UNC Asheville but have not yet enrolled, you will have received instructions on how to set up your UNC Asheville e-mail account in your acceptance packet.

Read the award notification carefully for instructions on accepting/declining awards, for information on forms you may need to submit to the Office of Financial Aid, and for information on any online processes you may need to complete.

To access your financial aid information within OnePort, you will use the QuickLaunch Navigation sidebar in OnePort to reach your information. You will go under Financial Aid and Payments. Then you will select Finanical Aid Main Menu.

I got an e-mail saying I have missing requirements, how do I see what they are?

If you received an e-mail from our office indicating that you have missing requirements:

  • Log into OnePort
  • Select Financial Aid and Payments
  • Select the Financial Aid box
  • Select Financial Aid Status

The Financial Aid Status page will alert you to important information as well as inform you if you have any missing requirements as well as what they are so that you may begin the process of satisfying them.

How do I view and accept my awards?

After you have received the e-mail notifying you that your award package has been processed, you will be able to view it through the UNC Asheville OnePort. Instructions on navigating OnePort and finding your award are below. OnePort is under active development, so these instructions may be updated periodically to reflect those changes.

PDF Instructions on how to check your award in OnePort.

Financial Aid Packages are only stored in OnePort. You will not receive a physical letter with information about your finanical aid.