Our Mission

The UNC Asheville Office of Financial Aid seeks to operate within the context of the university's Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan encompasses:

  • Liberal Arts Education
  • Public Responsibility
  • Long-Term Sustainability

Within this strategy, it is the mission of the UNC Asheville Office of Financial Aid to provide financial assistance to help students remove the financial barriers in order to obtain a college education.

Our goal is to help each student attend UNC Asheville regardless of financial limitations and to provide a foundation for their unparalleled road towards success.

Our professional staff is available to help you with your inquiries. To accomplish the most in your visit with a counselor, complete any required forms before your visit. Bring all pertinent documentation and write down any questions that you may have.

Interacting with the Office of Financial Aid

Contacting Us By Phone

You can reach us by phone at 828.251.6535 or you may e-mail our general email account at finaid@unca.edu. We are happy to assist you with any questions pertaining to financial aid that you may have. In order to discuss your confidential Financial Aid-related educational records (award amounts, your SAP appeal decision, etc.) you must provide your Student ID number when asked for it.

Please keep in mind that during summer months and at the beginning of each semester, our phones are especially busy. OnePort will have much of the information that you need. The Office of Financial Aid keeps students informed by regular mail or email while handling as many calls as possible.


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), commonly known as the Buckley Amendment, prohibits the release of a student’s educational records (including award information) to parents, spouses, or other parties without the consent of the student.

The university does not permit access to or the release of education records without the written consent of the student except when required.  However, students wanting to release non-directory information to parents or other specified individuals, referred to as proxies, may do so online through their OnePort account using their UNC Asheville log in credentials. Students can authorize view access to their unofficial academic transcript, including grades, their schedule of classes, account summary for charges and financial aid. Once the setup is completed, the parent or other defined proxy, will have view access through an online portal to the authorized pages granted by the student. The steps to set up a proxy can be found online at the Registrar's web page.