UNC Asheville Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a federally funded financial aid employment program. To be eligible, you must be an undergraduate, full time (at least 12 hours), degree seeking student. Eligibility is based on need as determine by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the availability of funds at the time of awarding. FWS funds are limited and are awarded to the extent that funding permits.

Students are awarded FWS funds, which must be earned through part time employment, as part of their financial aid award and are notified of their allocation through their OnePort account. Students may work up to 10 hours per week.

A Federal Work Study Award does not guarantee job placement. It is the student's responsbility to apply and secure federal work study employement.

A wide variety of jobs are available through the FWS program. FWS students are involved in almost every area of the institution. An effort is made to place students in positions that will utilize their skills and interests. The university also offers a limited number of off campus positions with local non-profit agencies as part of our Community Service Learning Program. These positions are designed to give the FWS student a broader work experience while improving the quality of life for community residents.

FWS Application Requirements

  • Forms: FAFSA
  • Priority Deadline: March 1
  • Who Awards the Funds: UNC Asheville Office of Financial Aid
  • Annual Maximum Amount: $2,700
  • Need-based and Requires FAFSA: Yes
  • Additional Award Criteria: Maintain Satisfactory progress
  • Minimum Credit Hours For Disbursement per Term: 12
  • Renewal Criteria: Complete the FAFSA each year

What Happens After I am Awarded Work Study?

  1. Attend the Student Employment Orientation session. This orietnation will provide pertinent information ocncerning job placement.
  2. Once you have been hired by a department, complete the student employment contract with your employer.
  3. Before you begin work, be sure to complete all of the requirements for both the Payroll Office and the Human Resources Office.

Note: Without the completion of the above items, you will not be permitted to work.